Kirche der Kulturen

andere über uns

"The Christuskirche undoubtedly has a concert hall level"

Sólstafir, gesehen von Sara Fleischer am 14.3.2019 (c)

Metal-Hammer (Foto) und Reflections of Darkness (Text) zum Konzert von Sólstafir:

“A very special concert awaited the approximately 850 visitors of the Christuskirche in Bochum on this Thursday evening. However, anyone who thinks of a gospel choir or an organ requiem at a Protestant church could not be more wrong. Instead, SÓLSTAFIR had announced their arrival from Iceland. Those gentlemen who have referred to themselves in the past as ‘Antichristian Icelandic Heathen Bastards’.  Therefore, it was not surprising that the band’s founder, singer and guitarist Aðalbjörn Tryggvason, also said that he had never imagined he could ever play in a German church. That this could nevertheless happen is undoubtedly also due to the open-mindedness of those responsible for the Christuskirche, because this is not a secularized property, which was given a new secular purpose, but a worship room, which is called Church of Cultures and in addition to the religious use also just a lot of space for concerts or readings. A special stroke of luck in this context is the architecture and the associated acoustics of modern sacred architecture. The Christuskirche undoubtedly has a concert hall level and thanks to the prism-like roof fold, the visual background is also a real treat.”